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A Tree Service Tips on Spotting a Sick Tree

How to Spot the Signs of a Sick Tree

Like most people, you probably need to give your yard’s trees more thought. But did you realize that trees may become ill? It’s critical to recognize the symptoms of a sick tree so that you can have it treated by a tree service before it dies and needs to be removed. Please continue reading to learn how to identify ill trees and how to help them.

Why Do Trees Get Sick?

Trees, like all living things, can become ill. The most common causes of tree disease are environmental changes and physical harm. Storms can severely damage trees and are also prone to illness, especially if they lack water or nutrients. Furthermore, pests can wreak havoc on trees, causing them to lose their bark and rot.

Because most individuals do not regularly monitor their trees for illness, these problems can become severe.

Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing leaves are one of the most prominent symptoms of a diseased tree. If the leaves on your tree begin to turn yellow, this could indicate that something is amiss. Yellow leaves can signal issues such as nutrient inadequacy, pests, or disease.

Wilted or Dying Leaves

If you detect wilting or falling leaves at an inopportune time of year, this is the first warning that a branch is ready to perish. Wilted leaves indicate that the leaves aren’t getting enough water or nourishment to flourish, influencing the tree. Wilted, withering, discolored, or damaged leaves might signal various problems within the tree, such as insect infestation or rot.

Branch Dieback

Branch dieback is another indicator of a diseased tree. This is the stage at which the tips of the branches begin to brown and die. Various factors, including sickness, pests, or poor nutrition, can cause this. If you see branch dieback, have your tree inspected by a specialist to determine the cause.

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