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Causes of Browning or Dying Tree Leaves According to Tree Care Experts

Tree Leaf Death and Browning: Possible Causes

The future of your landscape depends on the investment you make in tree care. Brown leaves, dead branches, and other typical symptoms can occasionally occur on a healthy tree, but they might also signify a dying tree. It’s crucial to pay attention to such alarming symptoms and understand their sources so you can make an effort to resolve the situation. The causes are frequently unique to the type of tree in question.

Transplant Shock

Trees that have recently been transplanted frequently go through a challenging phase called transplant shock, which can result in a variety of possible issues, including leaf wilt, leaf burn, yellowing leaves, and leaf rolling or curling. If a tree has brown leaves instead of its usual green foliage, don’t automatically assume that you need to water it more.

Insufficient Watering

Particularly if they are young or have recently been transplanted, many trees require a lot of watering. Many different species of trees require daily watering with a hose during the first few months if you don’t have an irrigation system in place. More mature trees will also need irrigation if your region is going through a very dry season to keep them healthy.


A tree can benefit from an increase in nutrients from fertilizer and thrive, but too much of this tree’s food might be potentially harmful. The roots or foliage of your tree may burn from over-fertilization, and in severe circumstances, the tree may even perish. It’s crucial to ensure the fertilizer you use is compatible with your tree, that you’re using the right ratios, and that the feedings are spaced out throughout the recommended time.

Over-Exposure to Sun

Overexposure to the sun, often known as “leaf scorch,” is frequently associated with brown leaves. This can be made worse by issues like a lack of water, an excess of a fertilizer, damage to the roots, and exposure to high winds, all of which can put the tree under stress and make it more susceptible to the sun. It’s best to plant young trees in the spring or fall when UV rays are less powerful because they are particularly vulnerable to solar overexposure.

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