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Discover How Tree Care Experts Help Remedy Their Health

Do Your Hear the Trees Talk?

Did you know that trees talk? Trees often communicate with us regarding their health. Whether they are feeling thirsty or sick, trees speak this in different ways. And it’s up to them to translate them. Of course, they don’t talk like how we humans do. But we have to observe their leaves, texture, branches, and their position. If you are not experienced enough in terms of nursing your trees back to good health, then contact tree care experts to handle them. Some samples of what they can do are as follows:


Trimming is the technique of deliberately removing branches to improve the health and appearance of a tree. This technique is used by tree care professionals to remove deadwood, shape the canopy, and promote greater sunlight penetration and ventilation within the tree. Trimming fosters new growth and increases the tree’s resilience to storms by molding its structure. It’s like an artist’s brushstroke, maintaining and emphasizing the tree’s innate beauty while keeping it healthy and robust.


Pruning is a precise and deliberate approach to care, focused on enhancing a tree’s structure, health, and appearance. Tree experts use pruning to carefully remove specific branches, whether they are diseased, damaged, or disrupting the tree’s overall form. This meticulous practice not only restores the tree’s vitality but also showcases its inherent grace and elegance. Pruning is akin to a sculptor’s chisel, shaping the tree into a work of living art that thrives in harmony with its surroundings.


Mulching is similar to wrapping a tree in a warm, protective blanket. Mulch is applied around the base of a tree by tree professionals to provide a variety of benefits. Mulch holds moisture, ensuring a continuous degree of soil hydration that is essential for the tree’s health. It functions as a temperature regulator, protecting the roots of the tree from severe heat and cold. Mulch also acts as a natural barrier against invasive weeds, supplying critical nutrients to the tree and preserving the soil’s health. Mulching becomes a caring embrace in the hands of a professional, fostering a tree’s growth and securing its future.

So if you live in Des Moines, IA and want to remedy any diseases your tree might be going through, call Rod Meek Top Notch Tree Care today for tree care through (515) 297-7265 today!

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