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Stump Grinding: What Happens to the Tree Roots

What Happens to the Roots?

You’ve decided to remove the sizable tree from your yard. You are aware that hiring specialists will ensure the task is done securely, but you still have questions regarding what to do with the stump that will remain once the tree has been cut down. You have a few choices. The stump can either be left in place, or the roots and complete stump can be removed. Stump grinding is a different option. Every option offers benefits and drawbacks as well as ramifications for what happens to the roots during the process.

Leave the Stump in Place

After the tree is removed from the ground, the roots are left, which either sprawl out in twisted veins from the stump’s base or stretch deep into the soil. The simplest option is to leave everything as is. After all, the majority of the tree has been destroyed. Thus the problem that prompted your choice to have it removed should no longer exist. This, however, is not a good choice.

Remove the Entire Stump

All the problems mentioned above are resolved by removing the stump and roots. Heavy machinery is required to remove the stump from the ground. Therefore the operation unquestionably calls for the assistance of experts. The roots still need to be taken out after that task is finished. Especially if the tree you removed was a big, mature one, this is a difficult task. The roots can reach a depth of more than 20 feet! These roots need to be dug up, and the task requires both tools and labor.

Grind the Stump

A wonderful middle ground between the first two options is stump grinding. While avoiding the headaches associated with digging up the entire root system, you address the worst problems that arise from leaving the stump in place. You must seek the help of qualified pros because grinding requires specialized equipment.

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