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Tips From Stump Grinding Professionals

Effective Methods to Remove Stumps

Perhaps you attempted to cut down a tree and were left with a stump after using a chainsaw? Or is the land you purchased littered with stumps? Whatever the case, being around stumps will likely make you feel down. Stump grinding is a conventional method of dealing with stumps. However, that is not the only choice available. Other options for getting rid of the stump are as follows.


The vast majority of stumps are eliminated using this technique. A pickaxe can be used to chip away the soil around the stump, allowing the stump to be pulled out. The stump must be dug out from its root system entirely. It is important to remember that this approach is risky for those lacking field experience.


Instead of using a pickaxe, you can use chemicals to decompose the wood. While there are a variety of chemical formulations marketed as “stump killers,” potassium nitrate is by far the most widely used active ingredient. The chemical, which can be either a powder or a liquid, is poured into the drilled areas. In most cases, a powdered stump killer will be the best option, as liquid stump killer tends to evaporate quickly.


If you want to get rid of your stumps for good, you can always fire them. But before you start burning the stump, you’ll need to consider the location. You’ll also need a lighter and some firewood. Additionally, you should check to see that no live wires or other potential shock hazards are lurking in your backyard.

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