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Tips on How to Safely Use a Chainsaw for Tree Cutting

Safely Slicing!

A chainsaw is a powerful tool for cutting trees and branches around your home, but it can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Safety should always be the top priority when operating a chainsaw. Here we’ll provide essential tips on how to safely use a chainsaw for tree cutting around your household, ensuring that you complete the task without accidents or injuries:

Choose the Right Chainsaw

Select a chainsaw that suits the job at hand. For smaller trees and branches, a lightweight and easy-to-handle chainsaw may suffice. However, for larger trees, a more powerful and professional-grade chainsaw may be necessary. Ensure the chainsaw is well-maintained and in good working condition before use.

Learn Proper Chainsaw Handling Techniques

Before you start cutting, familiarize yourself with the chainsaw’s operation manual and learn the following techniques. Always hold the chainsaw with both hands, one on the rear handle and the other on the front handle. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and keep a firm grip on the chainsaw. Be cautious of the chainsaw’s kickback zone and maintain a safe distance from it.

Plan Your Cut and Escape Route

Before you start cutting, plan the direction in which you want the tree or branch to fall. Identify a clear escape route, away from the falling tree or debris, and communicate this plan to any helpers. Ensure there are no structures, vehicles, or people in the potential path of the falling tree.

Follow Post-Cutting Safety Practices

After the tree or branch has fallen, turn off the chainsaw and engage the chain brake. Carefully inspect the area for potential hazards, such as other branches under tension, and remove them safely. Securely store the chainsaw and clean it to maintain its performance.

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