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Tree Care Experts Explains Why Cold Months Make Sense for Tree Branch Removal

Why Cold Months Make Sense for Tree Branch Removal

Due to decreasing temperatures, snow, and other weather components, many homeowners pay much less attention to their trees and other gardening aspects throughout the winter. They believe that since most trees are dormant during the winter, they don’t require much care.

Removing various branches to improve the health and beauty of trees is known as pruning, and tree care professionals are here to explain why this task may be best completed in the winter.

Pruning, Dormancy, and Seasons

The majority of trees hibernate over the winter, as we mentioned previously. In other words, trimming does not promote new growth. And although this would sound like a drawback in terms of pruning at this stage, the contrary is often true, especially regarding routine tree maintenance.

When trees are cut during pruning, they’re wounded and need time to recuperate correctly. This is more difficult in the spring and summer when disease and damaging pests are more likely to emerge. And throughout the fall, pruning will encourage new growth, which is good, but when the temperatures drop, this growth will be instantly terminated.

Why Winter Can Be Preferable

Conversely, winter trimming might promote the proper new growth at the appropriate moment. One reason winter is a better time to inspect the health of branches and limbs that may need to be removed is that there is less foliage. Also, locating structural problems over the long term and accessing some difficult regions is simpler. And if you time it properly, fresh growth will be encouraged just as spring hits and temperatures rise.

Limiting Disease Risk

For maintenance purposes, the likelihood of disease propagation is another danger of autumn trimming. In the fall, trees’ wounds don’t heal as quickly, but disease-carrying spores are abundant, and trees might get sick. Moreover, they are more vulnerable to parasite and insect activity.

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